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Climate & The Expedition Season/Photography

The climbing season for mountaineering and ski-touring expeditions starts in late March. Before this time there is only limited daylight as Greenland emerges from the long dark and bitter depths of the Arctic winter. April, May and June provide ideal opportunities for winter climbing and ski-touring. The main alpine mountaineering season runs from May through to August. By the first week of September the inner fjords are already beginning to freeze over and the onset of squally autumn weather arrives quickly. Due to extensive sea ice activity in east Greenland sea kayak expeditions can only take place between mid July and the end of August.

Influenced by large areas of anti-cyclonic high pressure systems in north Greenland, the climate from May to August is typically calm and settled, with little or no wind and occasional snow falls. By April, daytime temperatures in the more coastal ranges may well be above freezing, but falling to -20°c on calm clear evenings. Night time temperatures further inland can still drop to a chilly -20°c throughout the main June / July / August season but it is usually a very dry and manageable cold and often accompanied by beautifully warm days during this period. Consequently most of our climbing and travelling takes place during the evenings when temperatures and snow conditions are ideal and the 24 hour daylight from the Arctic midnight sun is at it's most beautiful and dramatic. Winds are not a common factor during late Spring and Summer although storms and heavy snowfall can still occur at any time during the season, occasionally pinning down expeditions for up to 72 hours. The climate in south Greenland is undoubtedly more maritime, with frequent low pressure systems and periods of more prolonged poor weather. The general rule being that weather nearly always improves as one ventures further north. Fortunately all the best alpine mountain ranges lie in east and northeast Greenland, which receive better and more stable weather. Temperatures on the icecap can occasionally drop as low as -35°c even in May and June.   


There is no more beautiful sight than the Arctic midnight sun casting an array of hues and colours over an awesome and dramatic Arctic mountain landscape. In a pristine, pure and unpolluted atmosphere the striking depth and clarity of the air is such that photographs are captured with stunning definition. For those with photographic aspirations the opportunities for mountain and Arctic photography are endless.


All images on this website are available for sale in addition to our full expedition photo library of over 12,000 images.

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