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Polar Bear Encounter

The following are general principles to follow when camping in areas where a Polar Bear encounter is possible or likely.

1. Ask locals about current Polar Bear activity or any recent sightings

2. Travel in daylight hours and avoid areas of restricted visibility

3. Travel in groups and stay together to increase your safety

4. never approach a fresh kill as Polar Bears will defend their food

5. Use binoculars to look for evidence of bears or tracks

6. Bury food waste in snow pits or underground

7. Never approach or feed a bear

8. Try to reduce odours from yourself or camp

9. Avoid camping on beaches, coastlines and on bear 'highways'

10. Pitch tents in a line and a good distance apart to allow an escape route for a bear that walks in to camp, so that it does not feel trapped

11. Do not sleep in the open without a tent

12. Where feasible, cook at least 50m from your tent in an area clearly visible from your tent

13. Store food away from your tent and in an area clealy visible from your tent

14. Do not store food inside your tent

15 Where possible store food in sealed bags, barrels or containers

If you encounter a bear and it does NOT know you are there;

- quietly back away and leave the area

-stay downwind

- keep an eye on the bear

If the bear KNOWS you are there and shows signs of curiosity;

- help it to identify you as a non-threatening human

- wave your arms over your head

- talk in low tones

- move slowly up wind

If the bear shows signs of being AGITATED or threatened;

- act non-threatening

- avoid direct eye contact

- back away slowly


- be prepared to use deterrents

If a bear CHARGES;

- stand your ground and be prepared to fight


- get between a bear and her cubs


- stay in a group

- leave the area where possible

- leave an escape route for the bear

- carry deterrents and know how to use them

- report all Polar bear sightings

- fight back as a last resort

- do NOT act dead

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