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Expedition Permit

Arranged and supplied by Tangent for both Tangent guided expeditions and those booking inclusive logistics packages (included in the price). An expedition permit is required for all expeditions going to remote areas outside of the immediate vicinity of local towns and villages. The permit application will include information relating to the area, objectives, dates, means of access to/from base camp, expedition leader, local emergency in country contact, emergency equipment carried, communications equipment, experience of the group, individual names and contact details. All permit applications must be submitted at least 3 months prior to the expeditions date of arrival in Greenland.

Radio Permit

Arranged and supplied by Tangent for both Tangent guided expeditions and those booking inclusive logistics packages (included in the price). This will permit the use of certain specific items of electronic and communications equipment during the expedition, including satellite telephone, personal locator beacon (PLB) and VHF air band radio. The VHF radio is for ground to air communication with our Twin Otter aircraft, helicopter transportation, and emergency search and rescue operations. The PLB is a specialist locator device that transmits your position anywhere in the world. This is done via a network of satellites using the 406mhz frequency and is activated only in a serious emergency and/or life threatening situation. It will automatically initiate a full rescue costing up to £100,000 for a remote location in Greenland and should therefore only be used when all other options have been explored. The PLB also transmits an accurate GPS position simultaneously.

Firearms Permit

Arranged and supplied by Tangent for both Tangent guided expeditions and those booking inclusive logistics packages (included in the price). Tangent owns 7 high quality Tikka large calibre 30.06 rifles of which 4 are stored with the Twin Otter aircraft in Iceland and 3 are stored permanently in Scoresbysund in north east Greenland. All expeditions are required to carry a rifle and basic training will be provided. We recommend that all members of your expedition carry out at least some basic training prior to, or at the very least at the beginning of, your expedition. This can done by mutual arrangement at a gun club and shooting range in the UK. If this is not possible, then it can also be done during transit in Iceland or Greenland, either by a Tangent guide, by a local guide, by the Constable Point airport manager in Greenland, or by the Twin Otter aircraft pilots upon landing in the mountains. Independent groups will be required to complete an indemnity form relating to the use of the rifle once it is handed over to your group. For independent groups it is the responsibility of the expedition leader to ensure that at least one member of the expedition team has received adequate training. It is possible for groups to bring their own rifle from the UK but this must comply with UK firearms licensing and permit regulations and be of calibre 30.06, calibre .308 or higher.

Insurance Statement

All clients must obtain a special Insurance Statement form from Tangent Expeditions and submit this to your insurance company for completion. This is a requirement from the Greenland authorities who will not include your name on the permit until this form has been signed and received by them. The statement refers to the requirement for a minimum level of cover of 1,000,000 Danish crowns (approximately £120,000) as well as imposing special terms on your underwriters. There are currently only two companies in the K that will comply with this statement; the British Mountaineering Council (BMC), and P J Hayman Ltd. Once completed by your underwriters this form should be returned to Tangent Expeditions for submission to the Greenland authorities. Both companies will impose surcharges to your policy relating to this statement.


All the above permits and Insurance Statement are included in the cost of Tangent guided expeditions and in the all inclusive logistics package charges for independent groups. For groups requiring more limited services from Tangent, or permit application services only, please contact us for specific details of your permit requirements and we will quote accordingly.

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