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Past Expedition Reports

The following UK organisations hold a number of expedition reports which can be viewed at their offices or photocopied for a modest fee. The BMC (British Mountaineering Council), MEF (Mount Everest Foundation) and AC (Alpine Club) all offer this service. If a specific report can not be found then please contact Tangent Expeditions who may hold additional reports or can help in locating such a report. Most reports held are for UK based mountaineering expeditions only. For further reports of expeditions originating from other countries then please contact the Danish Polar Centre (DPC) or visit their superb library facility in Copenhagen, which holds the largest selection of Greenland reports. 

Expedition Reports Databases

Greenland Expedition Reports held at BMC (British Mountaineering Council)
Greenland Expedition Reports held At MEF (Mount Everest Foundation)
Greenland Expedition Reports held at AC   (Alpine Club)
Greenland Expedition Reports held at DPC (Danish Polar Centre)
Tangent Expeditions (Greenland reports)

A variety of reports, articles and photos produced by Tangent clients relating to their adventures in Greenland with us can be found at the following locations. Any other clients who have additional sites set up with such information then please Contact us and we will gladly add them to our list.

Tangent Client Websites

Midnight Sun Guides - Watkins Mountains
Petter Bjorstad - Watkins / D. Louise Land
West Lancs Scout Milne Land 2004
Dagmar Wabnig - Winter Gunnbjørnsfjeld MC 2001 - Lindbergh Mountains
Conrad Dickinson - North Pole (un-supported) 2006
Tim Mosedale (Tangent leader) - Everest
Ian Swarbrick - Champs Elysées Glacier 1997

Tangent Magazine Articles

Jim Gregson - Alpine Club Newsletter (pdf)


Tangent Expedition Reports

Tangent is currently in the process of producing brief reports of all our expeditions in Greenland, Baffin Iceland and Svalbard since 1988. This process will take several years but as such reports are compiled, links will be added to this page. For now, we have begun by listing below all those expeditions which we have led ourselves, in addition to all independent and private group expeditions for which we have organised inclusive logistics packages or otherwise been involved in. Expedition Leaders’ names in brackets.



Tangent Snowmobile Reconnaissance (Paul Walker)
Army Lancaster 2nd Betallion Liverpool Land (Dave Latimer)
Tangent Liverpool Land North-South Traverse (Alan Halewood)
Independent Australian Liverpool Land North (Gemma Woldendorp)
British Berghaus Renland Polar Training (Leo Houlding)
Tangent Liverpool Land Ski Touring (Paul Platt)
Independent French Liverpool Land North (Michael Charavin)
Tangent Scoresby Sund - Watkins Mountains (Paul Rose)
Independent French Milne Land Ski Descents (Stef Marigot)
Tangent Dog Sled Assisted Liverpool Land Ski Tour (Paul Platt)
Tangent Watkins Mountains First Ascents (Bruce Goodlad)
Independent Venezuelan Watkins Mountains (Ian Barker / Marcus Tobia)
Independent Czech Watkins Mountains (Milan Wlasak)
Tangent Watkins Mountains Gunnbjørnsfjeld (Bruce Goodlad)
Indepedent Renland Mirrow Wall (Silvan Schupbach)
Independent John Lyon School Liverpool Land (Ralph Durbridge)
Independent Eton College Liverpool Land (Ed Russell)
Tangent Milne Land Trekking (Jim Gregson)


Malaysian Polar Training (Paul Rose)
Irish Liverpool Land North (Phil Poole)
Scottish Volquart Boons Coast (Neal Gwynne)
Tangent Liverpool Land Snowboard (Phil Poole)
Spanish Liverpool Land Traverse (Gerard Van Den Berg)
Tangent Liverpool Land Ski Mountaineering (Robin Beadle)
Independent Irish Renland (Rowan Kavanagh)
Independent Ittoqqortoormiit (Alessandra Badino)
Tangent Saven Ranges (Simon Yates / Jim Gregson)
Tangent Liverpool Land Ski Touring (Scott Rose)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Ian Barker / Mark Basey-Fisher)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Simon Yates)
Independent Liverpool Land Climbing (Michel Raab)
Tangent Liverpool Land Trekking (Ewen Turner)


Tangent Winter Watkins (Cone) (Paul Walker)
Tangent Liverpool Land (Spring) (Phil Poole)
Independent Ittoqqortoormiit (Nigel Robinson)
Independent Liverpool Land (Spring) (Baz Roberts)
Independent Milne Land (Spring)
Tangent Liverpool Land (Spring) (Ian Barker)
Tangent Greenland Icecap Crossing (Simon Baker)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Paul Rose)
Tangent Paul Stern Land (Paul Walker)
Tangent Milne Land (Summer) (Jim Gregson)
Independent Swiss Renland (Summer) (Thomas Ulrich)
Green Santa Children's TV Series (Paul Walker)


Tangent Icecap Crossing (Mark Thomas)
Tangent Liverpool Land Winter (Ian Barker)
Tangent Liverpool Land Winter (Robin Beadle)
Independent Liverpool Land Spring (Baz Roberts)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Phil Poole)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Paul Walker)
Glasgow Academy Gaase Land (Neal Gwynne)
Tangent Gaase Land Summer (Phill Thomas)
Tangent Milne Land Summer (Simon Baker)


International 'Circle 66' Icecap Crossing (Katelijne Van Heukelom)
Shackleton Foundation Milne Land training (Henry Worsley)
British Milne Land (Simon Yates)
Tangent Milne Land (Ian Barker)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Paul Platt)
Tangent KRL to Watkins Mountains Ski Traverse (Phil Poole)
German Arctic Summits KRL/Watkins to Paul Stern Land Traverse (Georg Czak)
Tangent Paul Stern Land (Jim Gregson)
Independent Paul Stern Land (Mark Bull/Nigel Edwards)
Independent Renland (Fred Maddalena)
Independent Renland (Nat Spring)


Tangent Liverpool Land North-South Traverse (Phil Poole)
Tangent Liverpool Land North (Jim Gregson)
Dream Guides Watkins Mountains (Simon Christy)
Tangent Watkins Mountains 1 (Mark Thomas)
Tangent Watkins Mountains 2 (Mark Thomas)
Chicks Unleashed Sørtebrae Mountains (Rosie Goolden)
Ejnar Mikkelsens Fjeld (Bryan Mullarkey)
Tangent Dronning Louise Land (Nigel Edwards)
Tangent Dronning Louise Land  (Paul Walker)
British Dronning Louise Land (Russ Hore)
British Sørtebrae (Dave Jakulis)
Tangent Knud Rasmussen Land (Ian Barker)
West Lancashire Scouts Renland (Dick Griffiths)
Japanese Milne Land (Orca) Climbing (Yasushi & Taeko Yamanoi)


Tangent Winter Gunnbjørnsfjeld Watkins Mountains (Paul Walker)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Mark Thomas)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Robin Beadle)
Finnish Icecap Crossing (Eero Oura)
British Icecap Crossing (Alistair Shawcross)
Royal Navy Watkins Mountains (Barry Whitehead)
Tangent Sørtebræ Mountains (Rosie Goolden)
Tangent Sørtebræ Mountains (Jim Gregson)
Tangent Milne Land - spring (Phil Poole)
Tangent Milne Land - spring (Nigel Edwards)
Tangent Milne Land - summer (Jim Gregson)
Glasgow Academy Milne Land (Neal Gwynne)
British Medical Liverpool Land (Jim Moonie)
British Milne Land Kayak/Climb - summer (Lyle Closs)
RAF Kangerdlugssuaq Mountains (Pete Hamilton)
Brathay Camp Icefield Mountains (Paul Wiiliams)
Oxford University Knud Rasmussen Land (Hauke Engel)
British Camp Icefield Mountains (Jonathan Hunter)
West Lancashire Scouts Renland Recce - summer (Dick Griffiths)


Tangent Icecap Crossing; (Paul Rose)
Independent Icecap Crossing; (Nick Anderson)
Scott & Ammundsen 'The Great Race' Expedition (Keo Films)
Independent Group Liverpool Land (Robert Mads Anderson)
Tangent Milne Land - spring (Baz Roberts)
South Pole Training Kangerdlugssuaq Mountains (Tony Haile)
'Ian Wright's Excellent Adventure' Watkins Mountains (Nigel Edwards)
Independent Group Watkins Mountains (Steve Jones)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Robin Beadle)
Tangent Kangerdlugssuaq Mountains (Paul Walker)
Cambridge University Kangerdlugssuaq Mountains (James Sample)
Tangent Kangerdlugssuaq Mountains (Phil Poole)
Independent Group Kangerdlugssuaq Mountains (Pete Whyley)
Tangent Milne Land - summer (Jim Gregson)


Tangent Winter Gunnbjørnsfjeld, Watkins Mountains (Paul Walker)
Tangent Liverpool Land (Tim Mosedale)
Tangent Icecap Crossing; east-west, Ammassalik to Kangerlugssuaq (Paul Rose)
Independent Icecap Crossing; east-west, Ammassalik to Kangerlugssuaq (Jeremy White)
Royal Navy Watkins Mountains (Brian Pancott)
Norwegian Watkins Mountains (Espen Nordahl)
Rucksack Club Watkins Mountains (Jim Hall)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Phil Poole)
Tangent Knud Rasmussen Land - South (Rosie Goolden)
Independent Milne Land - summer (Hugh Mackay)
West Lancashire Scouts Milne Land - summer (Dick Griffiths)
US Navy Air Crash Recovery, Kronborg Gletscher (Paul Walker)


Tangent Icecap Crossing 1; east-west, Ammassalik to Kangerlugssuaq (Paul Rose)
Tangent Icecap Crossing 2; east-west, Ammassalik to Kangerlugssuaq (Crispin Day)
Tangent Baffin Island, Tete Blanche (Paul Walker)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Bruce Goodlad)
RAF Otte Venner Hvidbjørns Nunatakker (Pete Villiers)
Independent ‘Midnight Sun’ Rignys Bjerg (Martin Bohl)
Tangent Knud Rasmussen Land - West (Jeff Smith)
Tangent Knud Rasmussen Land - East (Bob Dawson)
Tangent Knud Rasmussen Land - Far North (Tim Mosedale)
Irish Lemon Mountains (Dawson Stelfox)
Scottish Lemon Mountains (Graham Stein)
Independent Kangerdlugssuaq Ranges (Brian Davison)
Tangent Camp Icefield (Tim Mosedale)
Appallachian Club Liverpool Land (Phil Poole & Dave Hamilton)


Tangent Icecap Crossing; east-west, Ammassalik to Kangerlugssuaq (Brian Newham)
Tangent Liverpool Land (Robin Beadle)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Paul Rose)
Tangent Niels Holgersen Nunatakker (Paul Walker)
Cambridge University Louise Boyds Land (Chris Lockyear)
Independent Watkins Mountains to Gronau Nunatakker Ski Tour (John Hulse)
Independent Gronau Nunatakker to Knud Rasmussen Land Ski Tour (Paul Jennings)
Tangent Gronau Nunatakker (Owain Jones)
Independent Gronau Nunatakker (Paul Williams)
Tangent Knud Rasmussen Land - North (Paul Walker)
Tangent Knud Rasmussen Land - South (Tim Mosedale)
Alpine Club Lemon Mountains (Roy Ruddle)
Loughborough Grammar School Liverpool Land (Jim Crookes)


Polestar / Tangent Spitzbergen South-North Unsupported Crossing (Paul Walker)
Tangent Spitzbergen Newtontoppen (Robin Beadle)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Nigel Edwards)
Royal Navy Rignys Bjerg (Brian Pancott)
Tangent Martin Knudsen Nunatakker (Phil Dowthwaite)
Tangent Rignys Bjerg (Jim Gregson)
Slough M.C. Martin Knudsen Nunatakker (Mark Lampard)
Lanchester M.C. Lindbergh Mountains (Jonathan White)


Tangent Tasiilaq Hut Region (Jim Gregson)
Tangent / Christy Turlington Dog Sled Tour (Paul Walker)
Tangent Ejnar Mikkelsens Fjeld / Borgetinde (Nigel Edwards)
Tangent Dronning Louise Land (Scott Umpleby)
Independent Rignys Bjerg to Watkins Mountains Ski Tour (John Hulse)
Tangent Rignys Bjerg (Brian Newham)
Independent Lemon Mountains (Richard Pash)
International Female Watkins Mountains (Christine Watkins)
Independent Watkins Mountains (Roger Mear)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Robin Beadle)
Tangent Lindbergh Mountains (Paul Walker)


Tangent Icecap Crossing; east-west, Ammassalik to Kangerlugssuaq (Paul Walker)

Independent Icecap Crossing; east-west, Nansen's Route (Glenn Morris)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Scott Umpleby)
Tangent Rignys Bjerg (Nigel Edwards)
Independent Rignys Bjerg (Brinley Mitchell)
Cambridge University Louise Boyds Land (Matthew Tinsley)
Independent Lemon Mountains (Richard Pash)
Tangent Lindbergh Mountains (Paul Walker)


Tangent Tasiilaq Hut Region (Paul Walker)
Tangent Watkins Mountains (Paul Walker)
Independent Rignys Bjerg (Mark Bailey)
Independent Rignys Bjerg (John Hulse)
Tangent Petermanns Bjerg (Paul Walker)
Tangent Petermanns Bjerg / Shackletons Bjerg Ski Traverse (Nigel Edwards)
Tangent Shackleton’s Bjerg (Paul Walker)
Derby Mountain Rescue Team Shackleton’s Bjerg (Steve Hilditch)


Tangent Champs Elysees Schweizerland Alps 1 (Paul Walker)
Tangent Champs Elysees Schweizerland Alps 2 (Nigel Edwards)
Women’s Champs Elysees Schweizerland Alps (Pippa Manson)
Norwegian Mont Forel (Eirik Tryti)
French Mont Forel
Territorial Army Schweizerland Alps (Dave Johnson)


Tangent Kronprins Frederik Bjerge 1 (Paul Walker)
Tangent Kronprins Frederik Bjerge 2 (Paul Walker)
Independent Kronprins Frederik Bjerge 1 (Andrew Robertson)
Independent Kronprins Frederik Bjerge 2 (Paul Endersby)


Tangent Waxenstein to Mont Forel Ski Tour (Paul Walker)
Clachaig M.C. Kristians Gletscher Schweizerland Alps (Brian Dickson)
Independent KIV Steenstrup Bræ Schweizerland Alps (Andrew Robertson)


Karabiner M.C. Pourqoui-Pas Gletscher (Jim Gregson)
Tangent Mont Forel (Ian Savage)


Tangent Mont Forel North Ridge (Paul Walker)
Independent Schweizerland Alps (Mike Danford)
Independent Schweizerland Alps (Doug Cooper)
Tangent Iceland Vatnajokull (Hvannadalshnukur) (Paul Walker)


Tangent Iceland Winter Vatnajokull (Hvannadalshnukur) (Paul Walker)


Tangent Schweizerland Alps (Neil Davies)
Independent Schweizerland Alps (Graham Butler)
Tangent Schweizerland Alps (Paul Walker)


Tangent Iceland Winter Vatnajokull (Hvannadalshnukur) (Paul Walker)


Tangent Iceland Winter Vatnajokull (Hvannadalshnukur) (Paul Walker)
Tangent Schweizerland Alps (Paul Walker)


Tangent / CMC Iceland Vatnajokull (Hvannadalshnukur) (Paul Walker)

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